How It Works. "Dedication is the Key to Success." ~ Anonymous

How It Works

Please use which ever form of contact you prefer see Contact page. Simply provide me some of the specifics of your project and I will get in touch with you at your convenience to discuss the details. Once we have a clear picture of what is needed, we’ll put everything in writing and then make it happen.

Depending on the size and time frame of the project, some payment amount, anywhere from 25-40%, will be given upfront and then the balance upon completion of the project. In case of a long term project, payment at given intervals will be agreed upon in the contract.

Cash flow is important in any business and Silver Star is no different. Payment needs to be received within 21 days of completion of the project unless otherwise agreed upon in the contract. After 45 days a 5% fee will be assessed to outstanding invoices; then again after 60 days and finally at 90 days. After 90 days the invoice will be turned over to a collections agency for payment.

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