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In a market where content is king, you need explosive and provocative content to stand out. Today’s fast -paced world demands it. Be it web sites and blogs or biographies and works of fiction, your need to engage your readers and keep them there. You may just have ideas to start with or you may well have content already that just needs a good edit and a fresh set of eyes.

That is what Silver Star does.

If content is king, then we can certainly say that time is queen. With employers downsizing daily and employees’ workloads growing, there just isn’t enough time in the day to do all that needs to be done. Quite honestly, few workplaces have true writers on hand to update brochures and web content or even write a newsletter or biography for the new HR manager to put on the company website. Possibly your supervisor just walked in with a blank stare on her face because management wants the employee manual translated into Spanish.

That is where Silver Star comes in.

Maybe you don’t own a business but you have a great idea for a short story, novel or article and need someone to bring your pages to life. Did you submit a manuscript to a publishing company and it was sent back with comments and suggestions? Are you a genealogy buff and need your family history put on paper for future generations?

This is why Silver Star is here.

If you are looking for someone who isn’t afraid to ask questions to better understand your needs; a positive partner in the process and is responsive to comments and suggestions … That is who Silver Star is.


ghostwritingSilver Star provides ghost writing services for individuals who are in the process of writing a novel or book, articles, or any other writing projects. Ghostwriting service include an initial in-depth evaluation of your purpose and goals, an outline of your project, a first draft, two rounds of edits and feedback, and lastly the final project submission.

Editing And Proofing

editing and proofingWe provide various levels of editing and proofing service to completely check documents, books, ebooks, academic works for everything from spelling and grammatical errors to punctuation, improving the flow, content and presentation of your final work giving it the professional touches that will make it the best it can be.

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